STANDART, Research and Development enterprise, Limited Liability Company (RDE LLC), as a member of the ‘STANDART INDUSTRIAL GROUP’, is a leading national developer and manufacturer of respiratory protective equipment (RPE) and non-woven filtering materials in Ukraine.

The mission of the enterprise is to provide a person with the high-quality respiratory protective equipment in the required quantity and assortment in order to preserve human’s health, performance and to ensure longevity.

STANDART RDE provides its products to more than 90% of industrial enterprises in Ukraine for 20 years.


STANDART RDE LLC uses a full production cycle allowing products quality control at all stages of its production:

  • Production of filtering material from the special grades of polypropylene by the ultra-fine fibre forming method. Unique proprietary equipment is used for production
  • Production of all the necessary components for the respiratory protective equipment
  • Production of high-quality filtering half masks by unique technology with the use of the ultrasonic bonding. Unparalleled proprietary equipment is used
  • Production of anti-gas filters with the use of high performance sorbent agents
  • Production of reusable half masks
  • Production of particle filters with increased dust capability

Our staff members

Highly qualified specialists are the main achievement of our enterprise. An important place is given to the Department of Research and Development engineers who have devoted many years to the study of global trends in the field of high-performance filtering materials, and respiratory protective equipment. Four candidates of technical sciences work at the enterprise. The method of respirators and filtering materials manufacturing is patented as an invention.

Quality Management System

At STANDART RDE LLC the Quality Management System has been developed, implemented and certified as compliant with the standard DSTU ISO 9001: 2015.

Partners and customers

For long years of work, our enterprise has established itself as a reliable and stable partner.

Having an unblemished reputation of the business partner and a wealth of experience in the market, we strive to improve our products and to implement innovative solutions.

We appreciate our cooperation and hope for further development of our business relations.



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ООО НПП «Стандарт» разработало респираторы для защиты органов дыхания для мастеров ногтевого сервиса в направлении Бьюти Индустрия.


ООО НПП «Стандарт» приняло участие с докладом на тему: «Необходимость использования инновационных технологий в респираторике» в рамках Международного...


ООО НПП «Стандарт» приняло участие в Международном Медицинском форуме «Менеджмент в охране здоровья 2016», которая проходила в г. Киев с 18-20 октября 2016...