Research and Production Company Standart has a full-cycle production, which allows monitoring product quality at all production stages:

•    manufacturing special polypropylene grades filtering material by forming ultrafine fibers with unique in-house equipment;
•    manufacturing all necessary component parts;
•    assembling half masks using unique technology with ultrasonic welding on an unrivalled in-house equipment;
•    manufacturing gas filters using highly effective sorbents;
•    automatically manufacturing high dust capacity aerosol filters.

In 2021, our company installed two innovative multi-functional lines for the production of new filtering half masks iMASK. These lines are fully automated, which facilitates the operator's work at all stages of production, and digitized to handle the slightest errors in the manufacture of filter half masks.

The Company has own patents — half masks and filtering materials manufacturing method is patented as an invention.

Product appearance and trademarks are patented.