Company history

As part of Standart Industrial Group, Research and Production Enterprise Standart is the leading Ukrainian developer and manufacturer of respiratory protective equipment and nonwoven filter materials.

For more than 25 years, Standart Industrial Group has been providing respiratory protective equipment for operations in coal, mining, metallurgical, chemical, and the nuclear power industries of Ukraine, as well as Europe, Asia and Middle East.

Our mission is to produce as much top-quality respiratory protective equipment as needed, for all purposes, in order to help people to protect their health and maintain their work performance.


* National Research Institute of Industrial safety and health, Kiev
* Physical-Chemical Institute for Environment and Human protection, Odessa
* Department of Aerology and Labour Protection at the National Mining University, Dnepr
* Central Institute for Labor Protection - National Research Institute, Warsaw, Poland
* Higher Occupational Safety Institute, Prague, Czech Republic
* GÉPTESZT Ltd., Notified Body registered in EU, Budapest, Hungary
* Certification body Kazexpoaudit LLP, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan