Company history

STANDART, Research and Development enterprise, Limited Liability Company (RDE LLC), as a member of the ‘STANDART INDUSTRIAL GROUP’, is a leading national developer and manufacturer of respiratory protective equipment (RPE) and non-woven filtering materials in Ukraine.

The mission of the enterprise is to provide a person with the high-quality respiratory protective equipment in the required quantity and assortment in order to preserve human’s health, performance and to ensure longevity.

STANDART RDE provides its products to more than 90% of industrial enterprises in Ukraine for 20 years.

Highly qualified specialists are the main achievement of our enterprise. An important place is given to the Department of Research and Development engineers who have devoted many years to the study of global trends in the field of high-performance filtering materials, and respiratory protective equipment. Four candidates of technical sciences work at the enterprise.

The method of respirators and filtering materials manufacturing is patented as an invention.


  • National Research Institute of Industrial safety and health, Kiev.
  • Physical-Chemical Institute for Environment and Human protection, Odessa.
  • Department of Aerology and Labour Protection at the National Mining University, Dnepr.
  • Central Institute on Labour Protection – National Test Institute, Lodz, Poland.
  • Higher Occupational Safety Institute, Prague, Czech Republic.