Efficiency class:

Application and Instructions

The FRPA P2 particle filter corresponds to efficiency class Р2

Nominal Protection Factor (NPF) – 12

Resistant to dust pollution

The FRPA P2 particle filter provides respiratory protection from the following polydisperse aerosols:
  • Mineral dust (coal, emery, cement, glass, lime, pigments and fertilizers, etc.)
  • Vegetable dust (hemp, cotton, wood, tobacco, flour, sugar, etc.)
  • Animal dust (wool, horn, bone, leather, floccus, etc.)
  • Metallic dust (iron, cast-iron, steel, copper, lead, etc.)
  • Radioactive dust
  • Fumes and mist: oil mist, welding fume; metal fumes
Area of application: coal and ore mines, cement production, coke production, processing of glass and mineral fiber materials, dust materials, pesticides and toxic chemicals handling
FRPA P2 particle filter can be placed into plastic casing


  • It is made of ELEFLEN, non-woven filtering material
  • It provides extra-low breathing resistance
  • The filtering surface area is up to 500 cm2, formed into concentric folded tucks (corrugations)
  • The filter structure provides a stable preservation of filtering characteristics for a long period of time
  • It is capable of regeneration by shaking or tapping on the filter casing without removing it from the half mask
  • It is resistant to high +70°С and low -30°С temperatures


It is certified as compliant with the safety requirements in the Personal Protective Equipment Directive 89/686/EEC. It complies with ‘Technical Regulations for Personal Protective Equipment’, approved by the Decree No. 761 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, August 27, 2008.

It is certified in the UkrSEPRO system.

It has a conclusion of National sanitary-epidemiological expertise at Ministry of Health Care in Ukraine.