‘ELEFLEN’ - non-woven filtering material

The innovative technologies used at the enterprise include the production technology of ‘ELEFLEN’, non-woven polypropylene filtering material. Material is manufactured from molten polypropylene by the “cold forming” method. In order to improve material performance, its surface is electrostatically charged in the high-voltage field, which results in aerosol particles attraction and barrier properties enhancement by a factor of hundreds.

The ‘ELEFLEN’ filtering material manufacture method is patented.

‘ELEFLEN’ material advantages:

  • High protective properties
  • Able to capture particles up to 0.1μm
  • Low density and extremely low airflow resistance
  • Does not deteriorate at operation in the wide temperature range from -30°С to +70°С
  • Environmentally friendly, undecayable
  • High mechanical strength
  • Acid and alkali resistant
  • Does not release harmful substances when heated up to 140°С